It’s all about balance

For survival, the body is wired to maintain homeostasis – equilibrium between all interdependent physiological parts. The nervous system governs this process, regulating communication between the brain and spinal cord (central nervous system) and the body (peripheral nervous system) both conscious and unconscious processes and all information received from outside and inside the body.

Trauma, injury, repetitive strain can overwhelm the nervous system causing physical symptoms such as chronic pain, muscular tightness, poor flexibility, shortness of breath, loss of balance and coordination, neural tension, and stress. This hypersensitive state can become the default setting for the nervous system, ie a disregulated equilibrium or ‘normal’.

To approach exercise in this disregulated state, can reinforce the pain patterns. The primary need at this time is to restore a sense of safety in the body-brain network, through physical support and awareness and over time resetting what is the more balanced regulated state for the whole system – a ‘new normal’.

The Pilates approach to movement, especially in the studio environment is designed to offer support and to facilitate ease of movement and is the ideal setting to work towards restoring a sense of safety and confidence in everyday movement.