Find Your Core


Learn how to find it, switch off the overactive parts and activate the parts that have not worked for a while.

These classes are a chance to LOVE YOUR BELLY BETTER. I am often told by clients that they ‘don’t have any core muscles’ or that ‘their back is weak’. The opposite is often true – generally due to poor dynamic alignment, certain parts are overworking and too ‘strong’ so the core stabilising tissues do not receive the messaging to come online.

Another common strategy is to hold the tummy in and hope for the best – this can contribute to pelvic floor dysfunction and digestive issues. Rest and release is not a common approach to the core as the general understanding is that the goal is for ‘abs of steel’. I am so happy to shed new light on this part of the body that is very often associated with shame, discomfort and negativity. This class series is an opportunity to reframe your thinking.

Restore your Reflexive Core – plug into your innate system that is ready to respond or rest when required.

All props provided.

This class will be taught by Hayley Crockford.

This class is limited to 6 participants.

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