Pilates FAQs

What should I where?

Comfortable leggings or trousers and shirt that are easy to move in.  Pilates is normally done with socks on or barefoot, so trainers are not required.

I am a complete beginner, is it best to start in a group class?

I would recommend a 1-1 for all beginners, as it allows time to go through your health history and to assess your movement. During the session, we will discuss the most appropriate programme for you, depending on your needs.

How often should I come?

Many people choose to come weekly.  The more regularly you practice, the more rapid the change, but it has to fit into your lifestyle and schedule, so even if once fortnight or once a month is all you can manage, you will still feel the benefit.

I am having treatment with a Chiropractor/Osteopath/Physiotherapist. When can I start Pilates?

Pilates is a great way to integrate treatment from any manual therapist. It is important to ask your therapist if there are certain movements you need to avoid or should focus on. With your permission, I can liaise with them to establish the best outcome for you.  If you had just had a treatment it is normally advisable to wait at least 24 hours before coming to Pilates, however this varies according to the individual and the treatment.

I have had a hip replacement, can I still come to Pilates?

Yes.  In this instance it is important to start with 1-1 sessions.

I have recently had a baby, how soon can I start Pilates?

Normally 6-12 weeks following the birth. It is best to speak to your GP first. In this instance it is important to start with 1-1 sessions.

I am pregnant, can I still come for sessions?

Yes, after 16 weeks.  Normally in the studio rather than matwork classes, because there are more options for seated and standing positions in the studio space. In this instance it is important to start with a 1-1 session.

I attend a yoga class, will Pilates change this?

Pilates will support most movement practises, because the focus is on core stability and anatomical awareness.  Pilates can work as a compliment to your yoga practice, as you will learn about alignment through movement, what your range of movement is and where to challenge yourself.