Align to Walk January 2018

Align to Walk sessions


As most exercise sessions are 1 hour, this half day workshop offers a different experience.  It is an opportunity to tune into your body, prepare it for a long walk (5 miles approx) and then integrate the benefits into your system.  We will begin with alignment and stretching, followed by walking in the local countryside, returning to stretch and unwind a little further.  If you are a keen walker, this is a practical guide to how best to prepare for a walk and recover well preventing injury.  If you are not able to attend a regular class, this is an opportunity to ‘check in’ with your body and leave with some simple tools for self care. If you are a current client or already exercise regularly, this intensive will take what you have learned a little deeper.

Pilates sessions and exercise classes are generally 1 hour and most people attend the class, do the work then get in their car to head home or onto the next part of their day. Often I wonder how effective the work is that we have done during the session when clients immediately get back into their cars.

Integration is a crucial part of Pilates, Yoga, Medition and many other methods. If the intention is to align the body and mind, how easy is it to really embody that to achieve a more lasting impact?

Align to Walk classes are an opportunity to take a little bit more time to create a lasting effect. By taking the principles of alignment out of the studio and into a simple daily movement like walking, you will gain a deeper understanding of what this feels like in your body and how a simple daily movement like walking can improve overall balance, coordination, flexibility and stamina.

A word on PACE.  In my experience, as we are walking everyone settles into their own individual pace. Some people like to be out the front, some prefer to hang at the back and some prefer to be in the middle. During the session, there will be the option for the ‘faster’ walkers to take the 5 mile route with a guide and the more steady walkers to take the shorter 3 mile route also with a guide. It is important not to feel that it is a race but more the experience of walking, being outside and sensing the alignment in your body. This is not a class which will teach you HOW to walk but to tune in to the simple act of walking with a little more understanding around alignment points to get more out of your walk. We will spend a portion of the walk not talking as this provides more opportunity to focus inwardly while walking. Walking and talking tends to take one ‘out’ of that state of awareness, so there will be a chance for both.


Cost: £45

Date: Saturday 20th January 2018

Time: 9.30-1.30 See below for a rough outline of the session

9.30-10.30 Align / Stretch / Prepare

10.45-12.15 Walk (5 miles or 3 miles – see the note on pace)

12.40-1.30 Align / Stretch / Relax

Location: Charlbury Community Centre, Enstone Road, Charlbury

What to bring:

INDOOR: Mat, Half Dome, Block, Strap, Ball (if you are not a regular attendee, let me know and I will bring extra equipment)

OUTDOOR: Shoes – If you have experience with minimal footwear, please bring these. If you do not, please bring footwear has some flexibility if possible. If it is raining, I am happy for you to wear wellies. Stiff, heavy or inflexible boots are not ideal. If you have ‘walking boots’ and prefer to wear these, this is okay.

Waterproof clothing (if it is wet – we will venture out whatever the weather)

Water bottle

Snack: there will be a break before and after the walk to have a snack if you need one

This workshop is open to current clients and newcomers.

10 spaces available. Booking essential. THIS WORKSHOP IS CURRENTLY FULL.