WHEN: Tuesday 30th April 1-2pm for 6 weeks ending 4th June.

WHERE: Bodyspace Pilates Studio, Foxtail Barn, Fairspear Road, Leafield OX29 9NT


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Reasons for cultivating mindfulness:

With Mindfulness, we can learn to be present; we are less reactive, more flexible and more able to make decisions from a stronger, clearer place.  Mindfulness teaches this and helps to:

  • reduce stress
  • develop adaptability
  • enhance focus
  • increase productivity
  • develop creativity
  • develop clear communication
  • increase self-awareness
  • build resilience
  • increase awareness of others

The titles of the 6 sessions are:

  • What is Mindfulness? – Understanding the fundamental principle behind mindfulness – To be present in the moment, on purpose without judgement.
  • Automatic Pilot – Seeing how our tendency to react without awareness creates stress and how mindfulness develops our awareness.
  • Interpretations – Seeing how we spend much of out time interpreting situations and thoughts. Mindfulness invites us to step back and respond with clarity.
  • Thoughts are not facts – We notice how much time is spent believing our internal dialogue. We learn tools to notice and change our thought patterns.
  • Kindness – Cultivating Kindness and appreciation towards ourselves and others has been proved to build up happiness and resilience.
  • Mindfulness vs Not mindfulness – A summary of what we have learnt and how and why we will continue to practice.


Christina Sage has been a freelance Mindfulness Teacher and Anxiety Management Therapist for 26 years, teaching Mindfulness in universities, schools, businesses and in the field of substance misuse and mental health rehabilitation.

She has appreciated first-hand how these classes have given people essential  tools to manage the challenges we meet in daily life.

Here are some testimonials below from past students about what they valued on the course:

‘The teacher, Christina, created a warm, supportive environment, so our group felt very comfortable, and a nice feeling to be part of.’

‘The facilitator’s presentations and group discussion’

‘The course in general gave me an opportunity to learn about Mindfulness. Each session was interesting in its’ own right.’

‘Knowledge of the tutor,’

‘Having different techniques to use when I get stressed’

‘I was able to feel much better because of the small changes I made.’

‘This course was a tremendous help for me, both for personal and work life.’

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