All about your feet: Outline of the day

Time: 10am – 4pm

Location: Bodyspace Pilates Studio

Teachers: Hayley Crockford and Zita Hajdu

Cost: £60

Outline of the day
Part 1


Meet your feet – landmarks, palpation and release

Your unique movement patterns – discover how to adjust your positions for optimum function in various movements.

Movement and alignment foundations – how to find true stretch without compensating.

Break: Tea and Texture
Part 2

Shanks, knees and hips – the potential and wonder of your legs from the ground up.

Lunch: Please bring something to eat on the day
Part 3

Walking integration – take your freshly mobilised and stretched feet and legs through local countryside across varied terrain (approx 5 miles).

Part 4

Feet, flow and whole body movement – round off the day with a flowing movement class integrating the work a little deeper.

Q & A.

This workshop forms part of the whole body series Align to Walk.
The next planned workshop will be focussed on Hips.