NEW Align to Walk Classes

ALIGN TO WALK classes are 2 hour sessions which include 1 hour of indoor matwork exercises with specific emphasis on preparing the body for walking. The second hour of the session is a walk in the local countryside.

Pilates sessions and exercise classes are generally 1 hour and most people attend the class, do the work then get in their car to head home or onto the next part of their day.  Often I wonder how effective the work is that we have done during the session when clients immediately get back into their cars.

Integration is a crucial part of Pilates, Yoga, Medition and many other methods. If the intention is to align the body and mind, how easy is it to really embody that to achieve a more lasting impact? Walking is something that is often recommended immediately following a Chiropractic or Osteopathic treatment.  How often do you follow these guidelines?

Align to Walk classes are an opportunity to take a little bit more time to create a lasting effect. By taking the principles of Pilates out of the studio and into a simple daily movement like walking, you will gain a deeper understanding of what alignment feels like in your body and how simple daily movement like walking can improve overall balance, coordination, flexibility and stamina.

This class will run as a course on Mondays 9.30-11.30 for 6 weeks from 12th September 2016 at the newly restored Finstock Village Hall. Spaces are limited and booking is essential.