Moving my DNA


Top of the foot stretch


Top of the foot stretch variation with half dome – much stronger than in standing


Evaluating natural flexibility through the back of the legs and the impact of footwear


Taking a leap and integrating the work with a long walk

I have just returned from a Move Your DNA workshop in Belgium and am ready to incorporate some new stuff into what I teach. I am currently in the first year of Certification in Restorative Exercise which is a 2 year course devised by Katy Bowman of Nutritious Movement. This work is really applicable to everyday life as well as providing corrective tools to really fine-tune your alignment for better movement and health. Reading Move Your DNA is very thought provoking and really makes you consider how you move or don’t throughout your whole day. How much time is sedentary? How much time do you spend outside? How much time in the car? What is natural movement and is ‘exercise’ natural.

In the coming weeks and months I’m looking forward to seeing how this work can influence thinking around moving more in daily life – choosing the floor over the couch, parking a bit further away to increase walking time and much more.

Since I began this course and even before, I have had real frustration at how much time I spend in the car. This is not entirely by choice but more necessity. I live in a beautiful part of the Cotswolds, surrounded by Public Footpaths and many options for walking, however I spend more time driving compared to when I lived in a city. Why is this the case? Time is a big factor and probably the main reason. So my goal this year is to figure out how to incorporate more walking into daily life and to spend less time sat in the car. Lets see how it goes…