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New Offerings for September 2017

Following the summer break I am pleased to announce some new offerings starting in September. Mondays @ Charlbury Community Centre 9.30 Dynamic Alignment for Self Care with Hayley **This class is currently FULL 10.45 Dynamic Alignment and Pilates for Beginners with Hayley Find out more/book a place Mondays @ Bodyspace Studio Leafield  11.15 Pilates with Zita Hajdu (Suitable for Beginners […]

Online booking not currently available

Due to the popularity of the sessions, I have temporarily disabled online bookings in order to manage class numbers. If you are interested in booking a class or a session, please email me directly.

Align to Walk sessions

NEW Align to Walk Classes

ALIGN TO WALK classes are 2 hour sessions which include 1 hour of indoor matwork exercises with specific emphasis on preparing the body for walking. The second hour of the session is a walk in the local countryside. Pilates sessions and exercise classes are generally 1 hour and most people attend the class, do the work then get in their car […]

Structural Integration with Zita Hajdu

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Zita is offering treatments in the studio on Tuesdays. Her area of expertise is Structural Integration (SI). For a more detailed explanation of what this is and the benefits, you can read this introduction, Structural Integration with Zita Hajdu. The KMI brand of Structural Integration is explained here, KMI Explained.

Studio photos in the pipeline

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This is a quick snapshot of the studio. More images to be published soon.

A new addition

A new addition to the studio

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We now have a lovely flexible spine with ribs and pelvis in the studio, as well as the bones of an arm and a leg. Having models of the real thing help with visualising movements and accurately sensing where you move from in your body.


Pinky balls now available

I am happy to announce that we have just receive a box of the brilliant Pinky Balls – the ideal massage tool for the areas out of reach! Available now in the studio.

It’s all about balance

For survival, the body is wired to maintain homeostasis – equilibrium between all interdependent physiological parts. The nervous system governs this process, regulating communication between the brain and spinal cord (central nervous system) and the body (peripheral nervous system) both conscious and unconscious processes and all information received from outside and inside the body. Trauma, injury, repetitive strain can overwhelm […]

Amazing massage therapy now available

I am very pleased to announce that Zita Hajdu will be offering Massage in the studio on Tuesdays.  Zita has been practising massage since 2000 and has had the opportunity to train with Tom Myers and James Earls, both highly regarded practitioners in the world of massage, myofascial bodywork and Structural Integration. Zita offers deep tissue and structural integration as […]

9 Months In

Amazingly, 9 months have passed since moving in to Foxtail Barn and setting up the studio. This will be the first winter and so far it is proving to be a lovely, warm space on colder days with sun streaming in when it comes out from behind the clouds.